Ninja Autumn terrorists.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Who stole all the conkers? I have mental imagery of ninja squirrels in the midst of the night on a secret tactical mission to relieve the country of all conkers.  Seriously, this time last year The Spawn had bags overflowing with shiny conker goodness and yet this year, none. Zip. Zilch. Nada.  How grossly unfair. You can't have Autumn without them.  They're mandatory and iconic of the season. As you can probably tell I'm terribly indignant over the utter injustice of this.

I blame aerosols and polar bears....or something.

Oh and the summer of rain. It's still raining. I fear it may never end and we'll have to rename the UK to Atlantis. So much rain yet not enough to wash away the gray. I find myself looking to the ground when walking just to feed the hunger for colour my eyes literally licking the colour from the fallen leaves which incidentally you're never to old to kick. Fact.

Yet It's frightfully easy to jest about the rather unfortunate weather and forget that many of us are indeed somewhat lucky insofar as to say we may be a victim of It's enslaught yet to many It's an indecent attack of epic proportions. We're almost immune to the seemingly yearly pictures of flooding with rescue boats down streets and the utter devastation the floods leave in their wake to homes I can only imagine how vile it must feel,  akin to the violation of a break in. Then there's the small businesses who I feel for.  People often focus on the glamour whoring jobs in the life yet none of those help in these instances, the real hero's are the rescue services and in the aftermath flood restoration companies such as UK Commercial Cleaning and pest control who work hard to put things right again, clearing up the debris of natures parties.

I wonder if they could find me the conkers?

I used to have pet conkers at college. Four to be exact. They were darling little things with their names tattooed upon them with trusty tip-ex, 'William', 'The', 'conker' and 'er'.

I think the weather is broken. We need a sky plumber and sky painter.

Still, each time the rain pauses for breath and the Sun moons us we at least get to drink in the beautiful sight of the rainbows.....

Sod the gold though, I'll be chasing rainbows for a pot of conkers.


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