Natural teething remedies

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Seeing as The Toddler appears to be sprouting molars and has a history of literally taking several weeks to complete each teething episode I thought I'd share some natural teething remedies.

* cold peeled carot to chew on or frozen watermelon
* wet a muslin (water or chamomile tea)put it in a bag and put it in the freezer then let them chew on that.
* let baby chew on natural licorice stick (not the confectoinary!)
* rub a teeny amount of clove oil on gums (too much will give tummy ache)
* rub small piece of ginger root on gums
* Pure Vanillia. Rub a small amount on the babies gums to relieve the pain of teething. But it must be real vanillia not the imitation stuff.
* homeopathic powders  i.e nelsons, A&p's and boots  or just pure chamonilla.
* teething necklaces: although there is a debate behind the science of this, my personal experience is that out of the three spawn, The Toddler is the only one who has had a Baltic Amber necklace. He has worn it 24/7 since if was a few months old and other then the longevity of teething (and it triggering his asthma) he has been the easiest teether with the least symptoms and distress.
An alternative is a hazlewood necklace.
All of the above can be used in conjunction with over the counter items such as infant paracetamol, infant ibuprofen, anbusol and teething gels.


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