Epic Straws

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

We were lucky enough, thanks to Brit Mums and Cravendale to receive some Epic Straws to have a play with and even some free milk too. Due to The Spawn and their cereal habits we easily get through 12+ pints a week. I have asked The Husband for a pet cow on numerous occasions but The Husband says no (as he has to another baby, a pet penguin and chastity) meanie. The idea is you use the various lengths of straws and connectors to build epic straw concoctions with which to sup a nice glass of milk with. Upon seeing them Thing One exclaimed 'woah! Sic-age! Those are well sic!' Which roughly translates to him apparantly thinking they're rather good, or so I am lead to believe. Strange creatures that children are, especially eight year old boys. Thing Two was ready and raring to go, she's part feline when it comes to downing milk. The Toddler who remained restrained in his high chair for health and safety reasons (the health of my sanity and the safety of Things One and Two's fun that is) looked enraptured by the whole thing and despite my piss poor attempts to fob him off with the rather funky red and green jiffy bags he stared at the straws with a frightfully demented glint in his eyes and declared war 'MINE!' And out shot his wrecking ball hands.... doom bringers. How is it that when a toddler decides they want something their arms extend in length by several feet and they appear to sprout a dozen extra ones too? Arse. So in the name of anything for a quiet life, I let the little booger have a go. Now bare in mind he only drinks water and draught booby juice and always spits out cows milk with a profound 'yuck! Ming!' So imagine my disbelief when he gleefully started sucking the straw like a maniac glugging a considerable amount of Cravendale in the process. Just look at the intense concentration...It's serious business is this there epic milk drinking. Needless to say I had to physically wrestle it back using special mummy ninja tactics so that Things One and Two didn't leap on him and start an all out brawl. The Toddler was only the the iceberg of obstacles waiting to thwart the construction process as even The Cat tried to steal them. Furry little git. I'll be keeping an eye on that one and regularly checking for secret thumbs. Even Thing One ,who finds drinking anything other then water absolutely abhorrent, had a jolly good go whilst at the same time practising the ancient art of sharing before Thing Two took over again. All in all they all had a jolly good time playing with no tears despite the spilt milk. I guess you could say they thought the Epic Straws were ex-straw-ordinarily straw-some. Don't worry you can slap me for that later, I'm here all week. If you fancy some strawtastic adventures you can find out more from the 24th onwards by going to www.epicstraws.co.uk

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