The craft gene?

Saturday, 11 August 2012

It would appear that some people are naturally predisposed to certain talents with the old adage of it 'running in the family' such as art, music or sport (the latter partly to do with the 'ace gene' no, really. Google it. ) things that many people can learn to do yet there are lucky gits are born with a natural talent for it and simply excel. Unfortunately other then my rapier wit and bad looks the only talent I have inherited is sarcasm and a filthy sense of humour seeing as I can't sing, draw or play an instrument for toffee and I'm allergic to sport.

So it got of thinking that perhaps there is a craft gene, no stay with me here, I'm actually being serious! Some people just seem naturally adept at crafting being able to fathom and charm their hand at a multitude of crafts adding them to their armory of talents.

Then there are cack handed craft inepts like myself who spectacularly balls up anything they touch. I have an immense capacity for creative ideas yet zero talent. The first time I tried to crochet I had a tantrum and threw my yarn and hook in absolute frustration when I couldn't even fathom the knot never mind attempt a stitch. I have serious lack of patience and precision and an excess of petulance.  I simply lack any ability whatsoever. I just can't craft. At all. It's the equivalent of of trying to lip read someone who is speaking fluent Japanese. My brain just can't process nor understand the process.

In conclusion, I'm a talentless bint really but It's okay, I inherited my talentless. It's a gene thing. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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