Splish Splash

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Seeing as Thing One is out running errands with The Husband (also known as enforced separation as all Thing One and Thing Two have done today is squabble) I had another of those spontaneous hair brain ideas that never bode well. Obviously I still haven't learned from previous disasters.

This time my idiotic idea was to fill the bath, add washing up liquid for bubbles and loads of bath toys (oddly empty bottles seem to reign as the preferred toys) and voila, an improvised water play area.

The Toddler didn't quite understand that it wasn't actually bath time per se and kept trying to get his leg over the bath side despite me intercepting this on numerous attempts.

I utilised distraction tactics by blowing bubbles yet when I went to put them away Thing Two started throwing handfuls of bath foam all over and The Toddler clambered into the bath.... Yes, complete with trousers and nappy.


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