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Monday, 20 August 2012

We have very kindly been sent a starter pack of Fruit Shoot Smencils from Learning Resources to try out on The Party Of Five.
Smencils are the worlds only scented, yes scented, pencils with this particular release being based around popular Robinsons Fruit Shoot flavours including apple, orange, blackcurrant & apple, summer fruits and tropical.
Sounding good so far? Well, also bare in mind that they are made from 100% recycled newspaper! Fun, funky and Eco friendly.
At pocket money prices they're affordable for kids to buy themselves and would also prove popular in party bags.
I was hoping to covet them for a while but all three of The Spawn quite literally pounced on them as soon as I received them foiling my plans to sniff them at my leisure.
Thankfully arguments were averted due to there being enough to in round as Thing One and Thing Two instantly disappeared off to their rooms to write with them, repeatedly inhaling the scents en route with audible 'mmm's!!!'
Each pencil comes in It's own plastic tube to keep the scent nice and strong and has the added bonus of making then harder to lose! They were also pre sharpened so ready to use without faff. Even The Toddler has his eyes on then and managed to 'borrow' Thing Ones.
All in all Smencils were a hit here, encouraging the children to write even more then they already do! The only downside being that they wished their writing and drawings smelled too! (And colours that match the scents would prove popular here too)
If you'd like to try Smencils, hop on over and enter their Facebook competition! Be quick though as the closing date is Friday 7th September 2012.
Disclaimer: all opinions expressed are my own and that of my children. This is a genuine review and I received no payment in doing it.


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