Over the rainbow

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Today was a grey day lacking in both motivation and inspiration yet filled with heavy swollen clouds and squabbling children.

Whilst The Husband was out playing kirby with Thing One  and Thing Two I took The Toddler out the front of the house to play (seeing as the back garden in bogland at the moment) briefly after tea hoping some fresh air may encourage better sleep and also to get a break from his boob junkie behaviour.

Some bubbles and some skittles and he was incredibly happy. The dark clouds seemed to be sucking the light from the sky as they hung bloated as it was nearing 8pm. So, imagine our surprise and delight when we caught sight of a vibrant surprisingly bright rainbow and a much fainter rainbow next to it.

It's the small unexpected things that stoke our embers and keep our personal flames alight.

We watched it for seemingly ages, it was still there just as bright when we went inside (due to The Toddler stepping into a puddle of water under a drain pipe soaking his shoe and sock)

Far too often by the time we spot a rainbow it seems to fade and disappear within minutes.


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