Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sometimes The Toddler excels himself in being heart pulpingly adorable.

Having helped (read: supervised) me tidy up the exploded toy shop we call our lounge he found a stray mega blok 'oh ..no...mum, more more!' Searching for the tub I'd secured out of his reach to stop the little bugger emptying it again. I reassured him we'd put it with The others later so he jubilantly made up a game of tossing it around the lounge shouting 'hoopla!!!' Until that is, he accidentally lobbed it my eye. Ouch. No really, Ouch.

The little charmer had the decency to look suitably saddened, gave me kiss then......ran and got his doctors kit and have me an examination.

I admit, my heart went squelch.


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