Friday, 17 August 2012

Whilst stricken with The Pox of Doom it became apparent that The pesky little buggers deigned it necessary to congregate in a party in his pants. Or should I say nappy. Resorting to somewhat desperate measures to air them so as they wouldn't sweat and fester we took the brave decision to temporarily put him in cotton underpants figuring that carpet puddles were marginally preferential over willy rot.

Only The independent Toddler appears to have had ideas of his own and taken the opportunity to voluntarily and seemingly effortlessly potty train himself. We've not had a Single accident yet (touch wood) however I must confess that I'm not brave enough yet to test this at nap time nor the two times we've been out and obviously he is still also in a nappy at night.

He is doing tremendously well, independently going to his potty whenever he needs to even if engrossed in play, television or breastfeeding. When upstairs he simply stops whatever he is doing, tells us he needs a wee and waits for us to take him to the loo. Clever little sod.

One thing that has come into its own again is our stash of baby leg warmers. He spent the majority of his first summer in just a cloth nappy and leg warmers, a marvellous idea especially when changing nappies all the time. However as he became more adept at mischief we had to change to trousers as he found it wonderfully amusing to take off his nappies and turn the lounge into an adventure world of piss puddles.

However, now that he is in 'big boy pants' they allow him to use the potty with ease without the struggle and frustration of removing pants and trousers each and every time.

He is so enamoured with aforementioned big boy pants that he greeted his grandparents with a pelvic thrust whilst proudly stating 'big boy pants!' Gesturing excitedly at his crotch.

My baby is growing up far too fast. Today is The third day running that he has point blank refused a nap too. This being a tremendously less enchanting development in my eyes.

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  1. Fabulous, well done H! I am loving E being potty trained, and it has had a pleasant impact on my grocery bill too - no nappies!

    I am very much not ready for the nap dropping though, will be having absolutely none of that nonsense! x


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