Easy banana bread.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

The rain returned and washed away the childrens smiles turning their mood greyer then the heavy pregnant clouds. This summer holiday malarky sucks.

I rather stupidly had a silly notion of sympathy and felt Sorry for them. More fool me.

I should know by now by the large 'vacancy' sign hung where my sanity used to reside that I should ignore any and all thoughts of a remedy for Thing One and Thing Twos boredom when they are together. What can I say? Childbirth ate my brain.

So despite vowing to never, ever, under any circumstances including the end of the world to bake with both Thing One and Thing Two, together. Don't get me wrong they're utter darlings, regular little sunbeams....who just happen to be a tag team of deadly sanity assassins with namely yours truly being their target.

I'm usually a solitary baker. I like it that way. I like element of control and the transient moment of stolen alone time.

So, I agreed to bake some easy peasy banana bread with Thing One and Thing Two. I must admit, it was the lesser of two evils, the greater being attacked constantly by the pox ridden ninja boob junkie that is The Toddler.

Generally in past ventures into baking, in some futile attempt to limit damage to everyone I strategically pre-weigh out ingrediants blue peter style. Today in an uncharacteristic moment of being text book motherly I let then write out the recipe, weigh out the ingredients, mix the ingredients and I refrained from gagging then and duct taping them to the walls. Just

I did however manage, rather impressively, to nearly flood the kitchen. Arse.

I would bore you with baking photographs but the Blogger app keeps eating my posts.

Is it vodka o clock yet?

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  1. Lovely lovey recipe- I was looking for a banana bread recipe and stumbled upon this.As I Made one, and blogged it too, but this one makes me want to try again!! Thanks for sharing.


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