Monday, 13 August 2012

The Toddler managed to find an old toy belonging to The Cat, its a cuddly spider with super long family legs that have bells on the ends. He brought it to me with glee in his eyes and proclaimed...

The Toddler: 'bear!'
Me: 'hey, you've found one of the cats toys, its a spider!'
The Toddler: 'bear'
Me: 'spider'
The Toddler: [adamantly] 'BEAR'
Me: 'spider'
The Toddler: [getting pissed off] 'BEEAAARRR'
Me: 'spider'
The Toddler: [beyond furious and full of indignation] 'BEEEAAAARRRRR'
Me: 'okay. It's a bear'

....because sometimes life is too short to be arguing with a toddler.


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