A portion of hair please with a side order of fringe.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Many of you will have come to the conclusion by now that I am somewhat fickle when it comes to my hair. It's currently Purple and Green.  I'll dye it black then want it blonde, I'll get close to blonde then dye it bright red which I will then dye Purple or turquoise whilst contemplating copper.  It's not just colour either, I'll have long hair then chop it off only to want it long again, then there is the whole fringe debate.
In all honesty I'm dreadfully grateful and indeed astonished that I haven't managed to kill my hair dead (yet...)
There is an easier way though, I should just literally buy hair. Seriously, why not? Think about it... a colour and length to suit each of my, erm, personalities (what? Did I even once say I was sane?) No more bleaching whilst praying to the hair faeries to please pretty please not make me bald this time. No more Purple ears and Green hands. No more stained bathrooms. No more insomnia induced boredom breakers with The scissors.  No more petulant procrastination on whether to fringe or not to fringe as you can even.....buy clip on fringes! I can see a slight obsession in the making here. 

I am currently lusting after this I can never ever get that ethereal white blond, the nearest I get is cat piss yellow. Also loving this , this and this.

I need to stop looking.....really. where is a sugar daddy when you need one?

This is nearly as cruel as looking at shoes.


  1. I'm just the same, at the moment I'm growing it long, I've got as far as a short bob and am now debating whether to carry on growing it or to just cut it off lol. I love the wigs and just wish that they were an everyday acceptance. I hate the thought of queuing in Tesco knowing that the people behind are discussing whether it is or is not a wig!

  2. then again, that's part of the fun.....the fact they can wonder all they want.......yet they'd never truly know ;)


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