To nap or not to nap...

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

So we are at that awkward stage with The Toddler insofar as to say he clearly isn't ready to give up his daily nap (and skipping it has the rather bizarre effect of making him wake even more during the night) yet he doesn't appear to want his nap until inordinately late in the afternoon which again has an unsavory knock on effect to bed time. As it is he usually goes to sleep at 10pm ish (Yes, I know...) and gets up around 8am ish (with anything from 2-10 wakings)

If he has a nap in bed, he will sleep 1-3hours. If in the sling or buggy he will sleep 30m-1h.

As the pictures show, he randomly fell asleep twice this week on no-nap days, late in the afternoon. The first being in the sling on a bus and the second occurred whilst having a snuggle and a feed on the sofa watching Only Fools and Horses. I happened to glance down and there he was asleep!

So it would appear that he will nap impossibly late in the afternoon regardless of wether we decide on a nap.

Toddlers.... strange things.


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