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Friday, 20 July 2012

Last day of term today, Thing Two got to take a toy in having had a party and none uniform yesterday and Thing One watched a film today and had popcorn and party food.  Thing Two seems remarkably unperturbed at it being her last ever day of Reception, possibly due to the fact that she is having the same amazing teacher in Year One.  Apparently Thing One cried in assembly because Mr Peacock (who has never been his teacher) is leaving, bless, he's such a fragile wee flower sometimes.  Needless to say thanks to the school filling him up with copious amounts of party food he's now whizzing his proverbial tits off and being an absolute berk.

When I was at school, I don't especially remember the whole epic gifts to staff thing, ever.  It was more that they were teachers because they liked to teach.  It was their job and they got a wage for it, just like the cashier at the supermarket and the teller at the bank etc.

Regardless, as it's now 'the done thing' Thing Two and I made some chocolate and vanilla marble fudge and some double chocolate cookies (last year we took brownies in, as in the chocolate ones.....not small girls in brown dresses and an array of bad songs)

The pictures are somewhat crap, mainly due to The Husbands phone as my (also crap but not quite as crap) phone typically had a flat battery.  They looked a much nicer colour and far more tempting in the flesh.

& now starteth the 6 weeks holidays.......where's the Valium? Make mine a double.


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