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Friday, 20 July 2012

So, last night was the award ceremony at school.  Thing One was received an award in 2010 for achievement in Science, Thing Two received one in 2011 again for Science achievement and this year, Thing One got another, strangely for Science achievement again!  So The Mother kindly came round to look after Thing Two (seeing as it's a strictly ticket only and only two tickets per family) and.....The Toddler.  Yes, at the grand age of 27 months I left The Toddler for the first time ever...and the little bugger didn't even miss me! 

Previous years the prize was a book yet this year they had a table full of trophies.  From way at the back where we were sat it looks terribly impressive.  Thing One looks stupendously proud on stage when he went to receive his (bad parents that we are forgot to take a camera.  Shame on us. Consider our wrists slapped) yet this became overshadowed when after the event (a tedious 70 minutes of which only 10-15 was the actual giving of awards the rest was speeches, recitals blah blah blah) when we went to collect him, he was in absolute floods of tears.  Within 20 minutes of receiving it, the trophy had broken (as had many of the other childrens' judging by conversation around us) When we  examined it, I've seen better trophies out of the 2p coin dozer machines at Blackpool.  Nice idea but quality much? Poor kids were devastated!


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