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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

So The Summer Six Week Holidays are creeping ever nearer (can you feel my panic? can you?) Only I should really sue over the description because as usual we can't actually afford a holiday and when I look for Summer I get an error 404 so it should be The Six Weeks Of Torture.  This being the last week of term we have two parents evenings to attend, butties to make for Thing Two's party in Reception although the request was somewhat vague I mean how many ham or cheese butties do they wish us to make exactly? and then there's the yearly presentation evening which we are attending for the third year on the trot, Thing One received an award in 2010 for Science, Thing Two received one in 2011 for Science and Thing One has been nominated yet again, this year however you don't find out until the night what he's actually been nominated for.  We're revoltingly proud, however the event doesn't half drag on and becomes awfully tedious, last year we used The Baby as an excuse to sneak out as soon as Thing Two collected her award but no such luck this year as The Mother will be babysitting Thing Two and The Toddler for us (yes, I'll be leaving The Toddler for the first time, as in ever) Then on Friday Thing Two is allowed to take a toy into school which knowing her will be something odd, like her scissors and some paper or whatever novel she's currently in the midst of writing.

Am extraordinarily proud of their reports, Thing One got lots of b's and c's and Thing Two got that silly EYFS score thingy of 108 which is incredibly good albeit stupidly pointless and rather meaningless, she's a child not a number.

So no money, no holiday, no transport and plenty of rain.  I'm climbing the walls at the mere thought.

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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-18868494

    Although given your feelings about warm weather too, I'm not sure this comes under the heading of 'hope'


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