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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

When Thing One was smaller there didn't seen to be much choice in clothes and I doubt I'd ever even heard of 'organic' clothes, organic was just a word added to eggs to hike the price up. So, he had the typical mini man clothes that the high street stores are populated with in predictable pastel blues and yawnsome beige.  Add to that the fact he grew like a weed so I seemed to be in a perpetual cycle of buying clothes and let's face it, boys clothes are pretty unimaginative bordering fatefully close to being downright boring. Don't even get me started on the boys shoes, before I had kids I didn't ever dream shopping for shoes could actually be, well, boring.

Then Thing Two came along and what a revelation that was, shopping for a...girl! That's much more like it! Oodles of choice!

By the time The Toddler graced up with his presence I'd had enough of the bland boys clothing. It's only when you have bigger kids that you realise and appreciate just how small and delicate babies genuinely are. The thought of stiff denim, metal buttons, unnecessary zippers etc just seemed....well....awful! More so seeing as he wore soft, fluffy cloth nappies.

Also, pale colours just didn't even seem to suit him! I was remarkably impressed when I managed to find some orange, red and bright yellow vests, even the midwife commented on them!

So, I let a bit of me loose on The Toddlers wardrobe (ok, If you're going to be pedantic he only has drawers) I filled them with bold bright colours in comfy soft jersey and cotton populated with stripes and spots. He looked vibrant. He looked fun. He looked, dare I say, funky. Best of all he looked comfy!

The only problem I found was finding things! H&M proved amazing for basics (and incidentally fit really well over cloth nappies!) And eBay gave me access to quirky, cheap and amazingly practical leggings from China which he has lived in! They were brilliant for crawling, climbing and don't ride up when he is in the sling.

I just wish I'd known that he would be the opposite to Thing One insofar as to say, he doesn't actually seen to grow! This would have made it infinitely more justifiable to go shopping for funky organic clothing like Molo. I adore their stuff and often fantasy shop for it.

Who knows, Maybe I can justify it this year. Am currently drooling over  Love It Love It Love It  they have bright colours, stripes and it all looks super comfy, oh and It's organic! Just need to sell a kidney now to have some funds.....

You know you're a mum when It's more fun shopping for kids clothes then your own!

May be a bit quieter then usual as the computer died. As in Totally. I am devastated and so are the kids as we can't afford to replace it.  It's no easy feat blogging from my (crappy dying) phone, my thumb is positively withering at the sheer injustice of it.


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