Monday, 2 July 2012

Still ill.  Yes, still. So after the sore throat went, I got a vile cough and chest nastiness.  When that cleared off it got replaced with a jippy tum which has since given me several days of pain.  Awful nasty pain.  Then last night came puking.  At one point I was trying to die quietly on the bed when The Husband dumped The Toddler in the room so he could nip to the loo.  Predictably The Toddler immiediately latched on, I didn't have the energy to protest, not that it would have made a slight bit of difference anyway.  I had a carrier bag close then suddenly I just knew I needed to vomit.  I asked The Toddler politely and somewhat urgently to please move.  He blatantly ignored me.  I asked again and he gave me 'The Look', the one that means if I even think about making him he will throw the biggest tantrum ever.  So yes, I ended up leaning to the side, puking in a carrier bag whilst he happily fed.  Is that what they call extreme breastfeeding?

All I can eat is crap.  Sweet stuff.  the Thought/smell of real savoury food makes my stomach cramp and my throat constrict.  I'm hungry though.  I've lost 4lbs which will no doubt return as soon as this illness bugger off.  I'm exhausted with being ill though.  All the time.

I'm ruddy miserable.


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