Thursday, 12 July 2012

Assumptions, part of judging as in to prejudge something we are all guilty of, whether we choose to admit it or not.

Like for instance, The Mother who 'assumes' as soon as all of The Toddlers teeth are through he will no longer have any need to breastfeed and thus I will indeed stop.  This is based purely on her own opinions on 'extended breastfeeding' and the supposed lack of reason to do it.   The Parents neither understand  nor appear to endeavour to want to understand. 

Whilst wearing The Toddler around town in a front carry, he fell fast asleep.  A cashier in a shop cast an assumption and exclaimed 'bet she's heavy, you won't be doing that for long' assuming that not only is he a 'she' because of his long hair but that he's also (at the age of  27months yet very small for his age) too old and heavy to be worn and because of his size I must be some kind of masochist in extreme discomfort.

What assumptions have you cast lately?


  1. Today I assumed that 90% of the people who rang the helpline I man are slobbering idiot who would struggle to find their own arses even if provided with a mirror and a map.

    But I was provided with a lot of fuel for those assumptions.

  2. Two days ago I made some fairly typical assumptions about a lady wearing a Primark onsie in the street. I fear it also made all the holiday makers who saw her (it was leopard skin print, she was hard to miss) make similar assumptions about my lovely little town.

    On a more cheerful note I wore my small boy for the first time in ages on Tuesday (My back is being a mare, oh the joys of growing old) I had forgotten how much he loves it, how calming it is for him and how his little body melts into mine :D


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