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Friday, 1 June 2012

A pinch, a punch, first day of the month.

How is it June already?  June is a busy month of dates featuring Father's day, my dad's birthday, the 12 year anniversary of the first date I had with The Husband and also our 8 year wedding anniversary not to mention the slightly more morbid anniversary of  The Miscarriage.

So day one of Half Term is nearly over and what do you know, we've actually survived it.  Crikey.

The Toddler is somewhat disgruntled that his space is being invaded by Thing One and Thing Two, he understands they go to school yet I think the fact they have holidays is beyond him and in his mind entering the realm of the absurdly unfair. 

Today has been one of those days with not much to say nor do as it simply dripped by in drabs.

The Toddler has decided lately that he at nap time he simply must remove his socks,  I haven't the foggiest what that's about.  A toddlers mind is a complex place.

He's already decided I am merely parts and not a whole as whilst packing the boulders back into the scaffolding (aka bra) he chirped up 'Bye Bye Meemee's, love you' Meemee's being his word for boobies.
Talking of scaffolding, due to going down in back size again I decided I'd trial wearing real bras instead of nursing bras, you know...pretty things with underwire.  I figure they're big enough and droopy enough to wop out over the top 68565858 times a day, however, having tried two different sizes now I am at a total loss as to what cup size I am and what was an exciting uplifting prospect of new underwear is now a total disheartening ball ache that has made me decide to send them all back and stick with the godawful nursing bras that are slightly too big and revisit the situation should I ever manage to shift this extra stone I've been meaning to lose yet failing at abysmally.  So now I feel like a fat frumpy failure, for a change.  It's been over 8 years since I had pretty, shapely decent underwear.  I miss my old draw of gossard loveliness.

I won't even start on today's latest hair fail....

Do you ever feel that everything you attempt just goes wrong? No matter how you try to improve your confidence you can't quite get there, underwear fail, weight loss fail, clothes fail, shoe fail and hair fail. 

...where's the chocolate? ...

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  1. My toddler insists on napping with his shoes on. Odd little things aren't they!!


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