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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Following his recent aversion to socks, insofar as to say he takes them off at any given opportunity, The Toddler is now practising being a stripper.  Minutes after this photo was taken he was totally in the buff, which consequently meant I had about two minutes to get him upstairs to the loo.

He's learned the concept of 'wait'.  As in if I say it he'll wait at the top of the stairs whilst I close the bedroom door instead of setting off down the stairs and now, if I say 'wait' when he's taken his nappy off and asking for a wee he does indeed give me 2 minutes grace and waits.  Any longer and the carpet would get it.  This is also how he ensures I get up out of bed.  He'll take his pj's and nappy off.  I now catapult out of the bed like  Ninja on speed.

On the whole he is a darling little chap yet he is the most toddlerish out of all three.  He sulks all the time, he tantrums, he strips off and his latest?  He opens the gates and tries to mooch round the kitchen or better still, scampers up the stairs like a rat up a drainpipe.  Rinse and repeat.  I  never did care for step aerobics.

His empathy is shining through too these days, in a fashion.  Thing Two ran and tripped in the lounge and bawled her heart out.  Whilst I cuddled her The Toddler found a random piece of laundry and came up to her and started dabbing her tears and then he started to stroke her head saying 'shhhhh shhhhhh it otay' It made my heart fart it was that cute.  However he then decided to out do her and in a total comedic parody he re-enacted her trip complete with hammy facial expressions and humorous cry.  He's a dork and I love him.

His speech is coming on leaps and bounds following directly in the footsteps of Thing One who likewise waited until he was over two before he decided to really give the words thing a fair trial.  Every day he's coming out with new words and occasionally joins 2-3 of them together.  He said 'night night window' the other night, he'd never said window before.

I love this stage of speech when it's all so spontaneous and organic.  I love how 80% of what he says only we can understand.  I love how he shouts 'Git!' at the dog, instead of 'sit!'.  I love how he calls the dog a 'Woof woof' and all cats are 'meow-meows'

He still uses everything as a phone.  He had an imaginary one the other night, he pressed imaginary buttons on his imaginary phone whilst looking at the rain fall out the window and spoke into his imaginary phone 'Hello rain'

He's a clever little sod, he keeps escaping into Thing One's room and knows to turn the amp on before he starts to strum The Husbands bass, how?!

His imagination is coming on leaps and bounds, I adore ho he races round on his scramble bug alternating between saying 'nee naw!!! nee naw!!!' and 'choooo choooooo!'

The Toddler is also turning into what can only be called a geezer.  When he has a feed, he wipes his hand across his mouth and makes that 'ahhh' sounds blokes do when they down a pint in the local and then...burps.  He gets his charm from The Husband. He also keeps telling my boobs that he loves them....

He's teething, still/again.  Pesky molars.  He's refusing pain relief other then the gel kind which he loves, unfortunately I don't as he bites my fingers when I put it on.  As a result of said teething we had a few horrific nights last week when all he wanted to do was feed, feed and feed some more which resulted in no sleep for me. Joy.

Then, purely to throw my false sense of security he randomly had an epic lie in... I will never understand toddlers.


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