Friday, 15 June 2012

I like to peek into Thing One and Thing Two's rooms when they are sleeping.  It doesn't matter how vile and tempestuous they've been during the evening, one look at them when they're asleep and my heart swells.

Having The Toddler makes it unfortunately too easy sometimes to forget just how small and young Thing One (7.5) and Thing Two (5.5) actually are, especially Thing Two who acts and thinks far too old anyway and in the most charming way is actually quite odd, her peers seem years younger then her in comparison which is remarkably disconcerting.  Poor Thing One really does have the short straw being the first born, had he been an Only Child I should imagine he'd be treated much younger then he is yet being the eldest somehow, unfortunately, on occasion forces him to be older.  Yet out of the three he is probably the least mature, bless. Unjust expectations and all that.

Yet on hair wash night when their hair is plastered to their shining faces or when they're asleep, they look so young.  They're truly my babies again.  They'll always be my babies. Childhood is so precious and goes so fast that we need these moments to cherish it.  It's always about the small things.  They make us and break us.


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