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Friday, 29 June 2012

So the backtracking for posterity and all that jazz.  Two weeks ago was my birthday, i'm really not a birthday person at all.  However, due to an unexpectedly lovely birthday this year I decided to try and embrace it somewhat.  The Children presented me with a cuddly penguin and a penguin hand puppet first thing in the morning which brought a smile. Out of bed, hair freshly washed, make up done, a new (to me) dress on and...............The Husband had a migraine so he went to bed.  Oh.  Right.  Okay. Nevermind.

The Mother had come homne from Spain the night before.  I had plans.  I knew i'd get a small amount of money for my birthday and I wanted to go to the chinese buffet and take along The Mother, The Husband and The Toddler.  But no, The Mother 'wasn't hungry' as The Brother o'mine (who she'd just spent two weeks in Spain with and who still lives with her at the grand age of 36) was buying kebabs for her and The Father that evening.  Allrighty then.  I'll just fester indoors like every other day then.  I'll admit I was becoming somewhat churlish by this point verging on petulant because it was my birthday and nobody really gave a flying fuck which lead me to believe I was right in the last decade that neiother should I.

In the end The Mother and I ended up bussing it into Bolton, it being somewhat of a novelty to a) bus it there and not walk and b) actually have some money to spend.  Whilst we were out The Husband was to make my present from himself, a cake. 

For the first time in a small forever The Toddler fell asleep whilst out, in the sling which was all kinds of lovely. Even more so because I was front carrying him, something I rarely do these days what with actually liking to see my feet and all, yet when bussing it it really is wiser to have him on my front, i like to sit down.

Homeward bound and a cheeky takeaway for tea purely based on the fact that quite frankly I refused to cook. 

A week ago it was The Husband and mine's anniversary.  Married for 8 years and together for 12, now if that isn't a cause to up my meds I don't know what is....Needless to say that was another none event due to lack of money, appalling weather and a poorly Thing One.

Onwards and upwards eh? There's always next year.


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