Oh. Balls

Monday, 11 June 2012

Yes, actual balls, what on earth did you think I was referring to? ;)

The Husband returned home from an errand last week with a bag of 18 plastic bright coloured balls that cost him the grand total of £1.

What can I say?  A pound rather well spent.  The toddler simply adores his new balls and Thing One and Thing Two haven't left them alone either.  It's amazing how many games they can devise with just balls. 

It's always the way isn't it.....toy boxes full of toys yet give them some balls or even better, a box and they play like there's no tomorrow.

I remember making a car out of boxes when I was a child, it was verily impressive and I drew on my Nannas silver coloured tea tray with marker pen for the steering wheel.  Oops.  Such a fond memory, I think I may harass my parents for the pictures.

But yes, balls.  Stare at a pile of brightly coloured balls and try not to play with them.  Bet you can't.


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