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Thursday, 7 June 2012

This is what The Husband was greeted by when he went up to turn of Thing Two's light she'd, for reasons unbeknown to us, decided to put her bedding on the floor and sleep under her bed and just to be different she slept horizontally across it rather then vertically. Strange girl.  Highly lovable though.

The next night The Husband put Thing One and Thing Two to bed as usual in their own beds in their own rooms then went out on his bike.  I was in bed with The Toddler nursing him to sleep.  As soon as The Husband  left I heard instant movement and conspiracy of whispers.  They genuinely believed I had no idea what they were doing, of course I knew exactly what they were doing.  Thing One had told Thing Two to sleep in his room as they noisily dragged her bedding across the landing amidst giggles and chatter.  However, I'm not always a total Ogre so I humoured them and played along only asking them to go to sleep and be quiet.

Several hours later as Thing One did his usual snoring, talking and acrobatics in his sleep I heard Thing Two wander downstairs to The Husband.  She couldn't sleep.  She tried sleeping in Thing One's bed with him but with his aforementioned antics she had little room so The Husband helped her take her bedding back into her room and put her to bed, again.

So last night they openly expressed that they wanted to sleep in the same room again.  Thing Two still had an old mattress that is propped up against a wall under his bed so they pulled that down and dumped her bedding on it again.

We fully expected a repeat performance of the night before yet when  sneaked a peek...


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