It's a wrap

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Whilst Thing One was on shopping duty with The Husband I had The Toddler and Thing Two to entertain.  Being the sort who never ever learns from past experiences I stupidly thought I could entertain them both.  I put The Toddler in his high chair and produced his rainbow rice which he plays with endlessly when it's just him and then finally sat Thing Two down and proceeded to full fill one of those promises I made a while ago by using a hair wrap kit she got for Christmas.  Bare in mind I'm craft inept, have never done this before and have zero patience.  I should have quit really when I fucked up the first step and cut the thread the wrong length.

Well The Toddler started chucking the rice, chucking other random items, at us, whilst screaming maniacally and then tossed the whole tin of rice to the floor and started writhing and grunting trying to escape the chair and Thing Two got bored.  Not an enviable combination.

So it's rushed, it's messy, it's bodged in places and the end wasn't finished so is loose thread but she's happy and that's what counts.


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