It's raining, it's pouring...

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Did you miss me?  Thought not.  Unfortunately our monitor went poof and it's soul destroying updating on my phone, or so my thumb professes.  Yet by the wonders of freecycle we now have a monitor again.  Hurrah.

To say Half Term is a bit of a washout would be somewhat of an understatement.  Thing One and Thing Two had been loving their freedom at playing outside with their friends and the un-jungled garden however, it's too wet to play out and besides, the swing needs re cementing.  So in lieu of anything to do they've been intermittently trying to throttle each other and mine and The Husbands fragile sanity.  In what is seemingly tradition the past few years now the school holidays are here The Mother has jetted off to her place in Spain so we can't even have respite by sending them to sleep at her house and due to aforementioned weather it's rather difficult to separate them to let them have some space as usually The Husband would take Thing One on an epic walk.

I don't think The Toddler has quite forgiven Thing One and Thing Two yet for interfering with his peaceful sibling free days.

In a moment of temporary insanity whilst The Husband was having some 'Him Time' out and about on his bike in the rain, I made the fateful decision that I should take the kids not only Puddle Jumping, but Puddle Jumping alone.  Just as we were about to leave The Husband returned and felt obliged to accompany s yet made no secret of his loathing of the idea, apparently it was cold and wet and simply not an enjoyable prospect.  Obviously it was a different kind of rain when he was cycling.  Near the local shops there is a car park that has huge puddles in it sop there we headed.  The Sprogs were rabid with excitement and had a fantastic time despite The Toddler falling several times yet the wee trooper didn't so much as shed a tear unlike Thing Two.  She bumped into The Toddler and that was it, game over.  The Husband declared it was all a terrible idea, my idea and thus my fault so homeward bound we all marched, soggy and disenchanted with Thing Two still snivelling.

In a rare moment of domesticity I decided to hang some washing out the other day, typically it rained.  The moment of domesticity passed and the washing is still out there.  It's still raining.

I actually like the rain, in a way.  I find peace in the sound of it and solace in the smell.  I get an urge to just go out, alone, and lay in it.  One day I'll humour that urge.


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