'I hate tidying'

Friday, 15 June 2012

Thing One and Thing Two don't really have chores per se yet there are some simple tasks that we expect them to do such as putting their washing away and the real thorn in our side, tidying their rooms.  Don't get us wrong we're not OCD on the tidy front, infact I'm a reet scruffy bugger so we don't by any means expect it to be spotless, just well...tidy or tidier should we say, then it was.

Yet judging by the reaction Thing One displays every single time we ask him to tidy his room, you'd think we were asking him to go scalp himself.  To say he tantrums would be somewhat of an understatement.  He'll argue, shout, throw himself on his bed, throw himself under his bed, rock, scream, cry, hit himself, shout bloody murder etc etc.  Yes, really.

Thing Two however is a tad more subtle in her protests she usually just shuts her door, sits down and starts dressing up or reading or else wonders of wonders actually just gets on and tidies it!  Very occasionally if she's tremendously tired she may cry.  However, last night she silently handed me a note that said 'I hate Tidying' followed five minutes later, again in sullen silence, by another note that said 'I'm really tired'

Me too darling.  Me too. On both counts.


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