Fathers Day

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Me: 'You know, you've got the bestest Daddy in the world'
The Toddler: 'I've NOT'.

Oh dear.

Thing One and Thing Two made The Husband a 10" (yes, really) chocolate chip cookie for Fathers Day and decorated it.  It's not actually burnt around the edges that's just the baking tray.

Finally managed to get some actual real live air today as the rain appears to be on a temporary Mexican standoff.  Also managed to test drive the new buggy.  I may do a review on it at some point, just because.

Have finally found a style of dress that doesn't make me look frumpy or pregnant, the downside is that it's brown.  I don't do brown.  It's just not a very 'me' colour.  Thing Two did take a picture of me in it today but my expression is somewhat questionable so I shall spare you from it.  Thankyou's in the form of alcohol are welcome.

The Toddler didn't nap yesterday and as a result he was utterly vile all afternoon and then tried to doze off whilst watching Rugrats so I decided an early bath was in order.  I say early it was 7pm, which is early here.  Typically the little bugger perked right up and run me a ragged mile round the twist in the bedroom. It's evenings like this when I ponder the notion of night weaning however, it's blatantly obvious he is no where near that stage yet and would be terribly distraught so for now it shall remain a ponder.  He eventually fell asleep and for once I had the opportunity of an early night.  Was it The Toddler that kept me awake? No.  My insomnia? No.  What did keep me awake was a jippy stomach and some twunt of a neighbour with a stereo.  Joy.  Bloody typical.

I may have to make a concerted effort to actually go to Asda soon as I've seen photographic evidence of a charming handbag with owls on it, yes owls! It's ludicrously cute even if the base colour is brown, I think I may perhaps be able to forgive it.

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