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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The rain has returned with a vengeance and the grey has consumed the light.  There's a wanton heaviness to the air, it's ripe and swollen as if something is coming, only I have no idea what.

The Husband did a rather classy overture of vomiting at the school this morning due to a sodding migraine.  Apparently Thing One was most concerned yet as usual Thing Two really couldn't have given a toss.  I'm a walking zombie as The Toddler is teething, yes again.  The night before last he woke twelve times, yes twelve.  For the first time in my nursing history (Thing Two was nursed until 33 months and The Toddler is 26 months and still feeding like a newborn) I appear to have a blocked duct or something.  Ouch.  Like I really needed that.

As I predicted The Toddler is vocally following in the footsteps of Thing One insofar as being virtually wordless until he turned two and ever since his birthday new words are occurring each and every day and he indeed never shuts up.  Thing Two is most disgruntled that he has still yet to even attempt her name yet he's started calling her friend by name.  Oops.  Bad brother.

The adventures of becoming blonde have been aborted.  After another frying episode with uber lightener and incessant usage of violet toner my hair is still the attractive colour of piss with orange bits.  I even made myself use a protein treatment of raw egg yolks which yes, was as disgusting as it sounds, especially as i had no gloves and thus had to apply it with my bare hands. So in typical MamaUndone fashion I've ordered bright red, again though I'm awfully disappointed that it still hasn't arrived despite me pouncing the postman this morning.

Despite The Toddler being out third, he has introduced us for the first time to the phenomenon that is The Terrible Two's.  Quite frankly he's a little bugger. He has mastered the opening of gates, climbs everywhere and on everything and launches himself  from heights, has epic sulks and dramatic tantrums, gives death ray looks that would make Damian himself wither.  He is adamant, independant, stubborn and possessive.  His favourate phrases as of late are 'I'm NOT' (complete with a stomping of the foot) and 'No.'  This Morning he opened the gate and let himself into the kitchen, turned the washing machine on with all the buttons selected and then turned the microwave on before turning his attention to the stereo.  He is obsessed with closing doors and loves to let the dog out then shout at him until the poor dog comes in.  He can unlock doors.  He is the most adorable pest I've ever met (& the greatest contraception) 

His latest favourite thing is to sneak his beaker into the lounge and fill a variety of pots and pans from his play kitchen and drink the water out of those, strange child.

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  1. I "may" have spent the last couple of days saying "I'm NOT" and stamping my foot at every given opportunity. Makes me giggle.....sorry.


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