Adventures in hair dying

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Having abandoned Operation Blonde and admitted total and utter defeat I embarked on back to red.  That feels much better now.  Granted The Husband jests that due to the neon nature of my hair colour and the paleness of my skin (The Cullens have nothing on me) I look like match, oh he's such a comedian. 

The eBay purchases have proved somewhat hit and miss, generally the misses being the boobs of doom rudely refusing to fit into things that my hips and waist would.  Then there was the rather darling little dress that fits fabulously yet utterly stank of body odour.  Delightful.

Despite being a dedicated babywearer after he turned 18 months we occasionally use the pram mainly if we have a lot of shopping, if Thing One or Thing Two want to push him, if I'm simply too knackered or in pain (mainly due to the somewhat awkward positions I end up in as a result of The Toddler feeding through the night like a newborn which absolutely jiggers my shoulder) and of course in the rare episodes of excessive temperature outside.  It's a misconception that babywearers only babywear, granted some may but buggies and slings aren't mutually exclusive and you can combine the two.  We have a Hauck Infinity which we bought for Thing Two (amongst other buggies) and it was lovely for The Toddler rearward facing, however, now he's 26 month he's decided he'd rather face forwards and is quite frankly sick of the site of us so to save him creaking his neck irrevocably we have turned him forward facing.  The pushchair is somewhat cumbersome though and I fancy something a little more sprightly for when I choose to have a buggy today so tomorrow we'll be having a Cosatto Yo! delivered. 

The Toddler is being a little sod and can open the gates so The Husband has come up with the rather unique idea of moving one of the sofa's to block the kitchen door, which we then have to move every single time we need to go into the kitchen.  It's ridiculously exasperating. 

He's also still teething which thus means he's still not letting me sleep for more then a few broken hours at a time.


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