Sun hating like a vampire.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Oh dear.  The sun is still here.  Why?

The Toddler has decreed that ice lollies are are yummy, note we hold them as he still has a penchant for throwing food.  Whilst giving him something the other day The Husband asked 'What do we say?' expecting a 'Ta' yet what did The Toddler actually say? 'mmm Nommy!' That's my boy.

Thing One and Thing Two are adoring this vile weather as it means they are able to play in the garden, not that there is much for them to actually play in there, it's all old toddler toys apart from the swings.

The Husband thinks he's a comedian.  He was supposed to go to a gig last night so Thing One and Thing Two spent the night at The Grandparents to a) make it easier for me and b) lower The Husbands teeny weeny guilt about not coming home.  However due to financial reasons he ended up staying at home with a small bottle of cheap vodka.  Having made us Calzones for lunch I lovingly made him a pizza too to satiate his night time munchies.  Then this morning I kept The Toddler upstairs for two hours after he woke up so The Husband could have a lie in (Thing One usually wakes him up disgustingly early) and what does he say when I come down?  He asks to go to bed for a lie down!?  What's even more hilarious is that he didn't actually think he was taking the piss.  needless to say I put him right and I went to bed instead (only to be woken by The Grandparents returning Thing One and Thing Two less then an hour later)

Thankfully The Grandparents had bought Thing One and Thing Two some clothes and sandals.  Thing Two's summer clothes from last year still fit however Thing Two's don't so the poor lad has no shorts nor t-shirts.  I'm not that mean, I have ordered some they're just not here yet.

Due to the excruciating heat, the blazing sun, the lack of shade and The Toddlers refusal to wear a hat he has been indoors mostly and when we ventured out we took the buggy as I didn't particularly want a sweaty back and a baby with sunstroke because of no hat.  We were out for less then an hour, he had the hood up with a small UV visor and home wards bound a parasol yet he refused to eat his tea and vomited up the 10% of it that he did eat.  Oh arse.  He's  fine in himself thankfully.

Whilst chatting to The Mother on the phone I turned to find The Toddler in the buff next to me except for his socks and Thing One's sun hat, he'd stripped all his kit off. Why are my children obsessed with being naked?  He's now making small dribbles on the carpet and scrubbing them up himself with kitchen roll.  Oddling.

I was showing Thing Two pictures from a holiday in Spain in 2008 she turns to me and says 'When are we going to pain again, I've got sandals!'  If only i was so simple my darling.

I suppose I really should tidy up and get the bath running  now the sun has finally buggered off.


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