The Spaghetti Incident

Friday, 11 May 2012

Sometimes if the children are relatively quiet you make the brave decision that so long as they're not arguing nor pestering you don't actually want to know exactly what it is they're getting up to doing.  Scrap that, there's no bravery about it, it's actually rather wussy parenting, a total cop out, whilst you curl up on the sofa and remember the times when you used to be able to last and try and emanate them if only by memory.

So, what indeed were Thing One and Thing Two doing last night that kept them a) so utterly engrossed b) relatively quiet and c) didn't cause them to throttle each other? 

Lists.  They both scuttled into the kitchen together with pen and paper and went through the pantry, the fridge and the freezer writing down every food item we had.  Yes, really .  Did i mention my spawn are a little strange?

The Husband and I tried our utmost to ignore the ominous sounds of the fridge and freezer opening and jars and cans being moved around whilst our internal narratives muttered the mantra 'don''

Inevitably there comes a point when you can hide in ignorance no longer and the bliss of it is broken along with the spaghetti.  Whilst emptying cupboards they dropped an open pack of dried spaghetti which went, yes you guessed it, everywhere. Oh bollocks.

Still, could have been worse I when I accidentally smashed bottle of vinegar smashed last week. Ooops.


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