Shoe Day

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Yesterday I ventured into town for the first time in far too long.  Bus prices are simply too high to justify a mooch into ton too often.  I did start walking there and back which is a 5mile round trip before you factor in the shopping, it was strangely enjoyable however that is off the cards for a few weeks due to the ankle issues.

Do you recall midst one of my rambles that I said I believe things happen for a reason?  Around a month or so ago we went to get The Toddlers feet measured.  he'd finally grown another half size yet unfortunately they didn't have the shoes we wanted in stock.  I'm somewhat of a shoe snob with the kids insofar as to say whilst young I will only buy them professionally fitted shoes and due to issues with the local Clarks stores and an incident many moons ago with another independent shoe shop there is only one place we trust to go now.  They promised they'd call us when their stock was replenished.  My rationale is that they only have one pair of feet to get them through life and should they have pesky issues with them later I will know that it would be down to their choice in shoes and not mine.

Then came the ankle incident and around 3 weeks of staying indoors.  Imagine our surprise when upon taking him yesterday, he'd now grown to a 6.5 e/f on the one foot and a 7e/f on the other!  To say we were pleased we didn't buy shoes last time is an understatement.  I'm also refusing to buy what one would refer to as real shoes this time as the weather will be improving and I simply refuse to spend  the extortionate cost of decent shoes when doodles will quite suffice when fitted correctly and bridge the gap between shoes which may be too hot for better weather and sandals which will probably get no use at all due to awful weather.  Not to mention he spends most of his outdoor time in the sling.  The Toddler is awfully charming in shoe shops, he sits and offers his feet one by one.

Thankfully Thing One was remeasured last week and mercy of mercies hadn't grown, that's two down one to go.  If Thing Two has grown I may indeed cry and if she hasn't we may get to eat next week.

It really is the small things in life that can be the most poignant.  Our garden at present is an overgrown jungle with muddy bold patches inhabited by the corpses of winter slaughtered toys in various stages of degeneration.  However, upon having a small time out whilst cooking tea last night, I randomly poked about under the seven year old toddler trampoline and found, bluebells! In our garden!

Am now going to overdose on chocolate whilst trying not to cry as The Toddler just launched himself from a height, onto my bad ankle, something that made me scream in pain and him scream with laughter.  Sod. My patience is diminishing by the second as he is now shrieking at me in some vicious physical and auditory attack for my boobs.


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