Shit my kids ruined...

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I don't have much let alone that of value.  My two 'things' are my collection of books and my collection of CD's both extensive and both treasured by myself.  Due to lack of storage the majority of my books are stashed in suitcases etc yet the series that I frequently re-read I have on an old media unit in my bedroom.  Now, The Toddler is trying enough with his sheer insistence at swiping them all onto the floor, frequently.  I grit my teeth and count to ten.  However I do draw the line when Thing One took a huge over sized beaker of water in my room, something he has never seen me to in my room and The Toddler predictably tipped it up.  I now have around 40+ of my favourite books....wet.  I can't even detonate with anger, I just want to cry.  I know it was an accident.  It's the carelessness that irks me.  There should never have been a huge beaker of water in my room, let alone near my books.  I love books.  Adore them.  They're my escape.  I re-read them obsessively. I can't afford a Kindle and the only thing remotely tempting me to one would be so I could store my actual books until The Toddler is older, seeing as the first point is that I can't afford one it kind of makes the whole debate moot anyway. 


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