Saturday, 5 May 2012

One of the irksome downsides of losing weight is the need for new bras or in my case, scaffolding.

Have you tried buying a nursing bra in a large cup size? (We're talking k-l here) you end up with a choice of one, two if you're lucky. These are usually of the same brand which to be frank give you an abysmal shape they're ugly and here's the biggee, they're notoriously expensive. There's nothing quite as frustrating as being unable to afford a correctly fitting bra. Over 70% of woman are wearing the incorrect bra size and when you get correctly fitted it really does make the most remarkable difference to the figure, posture and thus boosting confidence.

The (skint) grumpy old woman in me absolutely abhors the prospect of paying over £30 for a single fugly nursing bra that spends most of the day with the cups open.

Bra shopping pre children was a treat, I was a slightly more 'normal' sized and had money to burn. My top draw was a treasure chest of colourful, sexy, underwired feel good beauties.  Back when the weekend consisted of PVC, alcohol and Rockworld (or cockworld as we affectionately dubbed it) i'd don the epic black wonderbra with an incredibly nifty pull doodah in the middle that gave what can only be referred to as uber cleavage of doom.

Now my top draw is a depressive monochrome grave yard of three, yes three, bras none of which actually fit anymore.

I rarely spend over £30 on any clothing or footwear these days so the thought of needing at the very least two new bras at over £30 a pop that are boring and ugly is disenchanting to say the least.  Not to mention the small fact that i'm not finished with the whole weight loss thing yet.

If i'm going to go bankrupt buying something necessary I'd at the very least like a little choice.

If I wasn't such a craft inept, no really, i'd buy pretty none nursing bras and convert them.

Oh to be a man. The only bra conundrum they face is how the hell to remove them.


  1. I hear you. I've thankfully come down to a mere GG cup but it's still murder to get a decent fit at a decent price and now summer's approaching, with the slight prospect of strappy vest tops I'd really like to have 3" thick bra straps uglying up my clothing choices. Bra companies should get engineers in, not fashionistas.

  2. There's a few okay larger cupped bras on ebay but not nursing :(


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