Review: Toot Toot with John Crane

Sunday, 27 May 2012

We were lucky enough to be sent a Tidlo recorder courtesy of John Crane.

When it first arrived Thing One and Thing Two were at school so it was The Toddler who first pounced on it, and indeed pounce is the right word.

First impressions?

It's fabulously bright, really eye catching it looks fun.  The colour alone instantly piqued The Toddlers attention and made him want to investigate.

It feels well made and substantial neither too heavy nor too light.

The tone is as pleasant as a recorder played by children can get (though as with most noisy things it does grate on the nerves when it's been tortured played for ten minutes solid)

When Thing One and Thing Two arrived home they instantly noticed the new addition however wrestling it off of The Toddler without him screeching 'Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!!!!!!!' proved to be somewhat of a challenge.

I'll admit that the allure wasn't limited to The Sprogs as I caught The Husband having a sneaky play and I may have possibly borrowed it purely to show The Toddler that you can change the sound, honest.  It was educational purposes only.  Whaa?

The Family of Five adore music and musical instruments have always been a massive hit with The Sprogs so this is a very welcome addition.  The only problem we have now is the whole sharing thing..... I may go and hide in the bath and let them work it out amongst themselves, ear plugs anyone?

I can imagine it will be one of those toys that The Husband temporarily hides from time to time......


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