One ah ah ah, two ah ah ah

Monday, 28 May 2012

Thing One has lost two teeth in as many days which now leaves him with four gaps at the top and two at the bottom as well as two adult teeth at the bottom.  He charmingly looks like a baby vampire.  I must admit to feeling slightly nauseated though when he decided to pull the latest one out at the dinner table resulting in a bloody buttie.  The Toddler, not one to miss out, kept pointing at his own mouth and saying 'owwwww'.

I hate this stage of wobbly teeth, I can't even look.  Just the thought of wobbly teeth makes me heave.  When I was a youngling at the mere start of a wobbly tooth I'd reach in and slice through the roots with my nails until I could yank it out, even back then I was nauseated beyond belief by those who leave their teeth until they're hanging on my a shred of thin air and insisted on pushing the offending tooth about with their tongue at every opportunity. 

I'm beginning to wonder if Thing One's actually going to get adult teeth in these gaps, the milk teeth are falling out remarkably quick.


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