Oh, pants.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Thing Two has spent the majority of the weekend trying to teach herself joined up writing and cutting up pieces of paper into smaller pieces of paper, over 100 tiny pieces to be exact.  She has a slight infatuation with her scissors, still better then boys I suppose.  She is the only five year old child I know who natters to play out with friends and then dumps them so she can hole herself up in her room and play with scissors....and write, a lot.

The Toddler has been driving me to distraction wit his constant demands to be taken to the toilet for a 'wee wee!!!' which appears to be somewhat of a game with a ritualistic element insofar as to say he has to shut the door, grab the toilet roll and stuff it between his legs, flush the toilet himself, weigh himself, drag his stool to the sink, turn the tap on, rinse hands....turn tap on fuller and then faff about on the landing before we descend the stairs (on our bums) only for him to want to repeat it 5 minutes later.  I never did fancy step aerobics.  Oh for the luxury of a downstairs loo.The Toddler also got his first pair of big boy pants this weekend, not that we expect we will need them anytime soon, not to mention the fact they're huge on him.  Despite being 25 months of age he is only just fitting into 12-18m clothes and the smallest ones were 18-24m.  He likes them mainly because he can take them off, to pee on the floor. We're still categorically not 'potty training him' rather we're following his cues and just providing the tools.  I endeavour to attempt this more enthusiastically in Summer. Preferably next Summer if I had my way, unfortunately he has other ideas, still at least we appear to be skipping the potty.  I detest potties.

Thing one has adored the lack of rain and the excessive amount of time he's been allowed to play outside with friends.  The little ray of sunshine really could make friends anywhere.  However we've also had the same old nuclearustic tantrums over tidying his room.


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