Of rain and plant watch

Thursday, 10 May 2012

People often wonder how to babywear in the rain, granted you can buy expensive fandangled coats that many say are indispensable however,  simple brolly works for us (for a while... until he rejects it...then a lanolised wooly hat and hood are handy!)

I thought we'd earned some freedom today however, Thing Two wasn't so enamoured with the rain so we had to head home.  Her hood didn't suit so she begged for the umbrella, which didn't suit either....

Shame, I was hoping to sneakily buy another hair dye from the shops, not that I spent nearly three hours stripping and colouring my hair this morning, honest.

You know The Husband loves you when he buys you a shower cap that looks like it was made for a Tomliboo. 

In green news, Thing Two's pot of shoots had a short holiday with The grandparents who kindly re potted them to prolong the inevitable time when they will cark it.

If the rain ever desists, i may even get the pallet bed sorted out and some seeds planted, maybe.


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