Nappy matters

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Over the years I've heard of this rather curious practise amongst toddlers who 'hide' when pooing.  This was somewhat of a myth to us as it seemed both absurd and charming in equal measures and is an act neither Thing One nor Thing Two ever practised, they were happy to shit anywhere.

So imagine my surprise lately when The Toddler appears to have a penchant for disappearing into his play house to poo.  Toddlers aren't half strange.....


  1. Heh, D is not shy with his evacuations either. The only indicator is that he stays still for more a few seconds and puts all his weight onto one leg.

  2. Theakston runs on the spot then squats and strains. It's good for potty training though because as soon as he starts running on the spot we whisk him off to the loo!


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