Learning to dance in the rain.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Is it possible to simply decide to be happy?  Is there really more to it then that?  Throughout life we are presented with many things to stumble over and get lost within that essentially add to the state of a persons unhappiness yet what if the antidote is genuinely as simple as to give oneself permission to be happy regardless?

After years of struggling and wallowing perhaps we can merely say 'so what?' and deny life the power over us to make us unhappy.

Instead of being unhappy because, why shouldn't we merely be happy in spite of?

There will always be things that seek to make us unhappy, perhaps the secret to life is learning how to find happiness within unhappiness.

One day I'll finally wake up from perpetual misery and make the decision 'fuck this, I'm going to be happy' and then every day after that I can say 'I am happy' because it is a choice, not an easy one but a choice all the same.  Choosing to let go.  Choosing to move on.  Choosing to forget.  Choosing to forgive.  Choosing to learn. Choosing to be a phoenix instead of the ashes. Through being unhappy, we neglect and miss all the small things that make us happy.

It always was the little things that break make us.


  1. I've been having similar thoughts. From the moment I got pregnant I stopped being fun. I got all caught up in being a mum and what I couldn't eat/drink/think/say/do in case it harmed the baby, in case I jinxed it etc. Then when they're born it's all about putting them first, breastfeeding, not waking them up etc. Somewhere along the way I stopped being fun. And now I just get angry at everything and wish the days away and grumble and grump and sigh and stress and shout. I need to snap out of it and I wake up every morning and tell myself to just go with the flow and live in the moment and enjoy it and 10mins later I'm shouting at Theakston to stop trying to throw himself over the banisters or getting annoyed at Nyah because she won't stay on her back to have her nappy put on and then that's it, I'm in that mood for the day.

    Is there a magical cure that we haven't happened on yet do you think? I personally think it's alcohol and chocolate and cake but then that's irresponsible and fattening.

  2. I'd rather be fat then give up chocolate ;)


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