Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Toddler is still teething, out of the three of them I've never had one who's taken so long to complete the process.  Thing One and Thing Two from a bump to a whole tooth would be a week, two max.  The Toddler however can quite literally take a month or two to complete the process.  I am quite thankful that the majority of the time the only clue to the fact he is teething is feeding even more then usual, which believe me is a lot. Other than that he's remarkably chipper, you'd never in a month of Sunday's guess he has three teeth emerging. 

Unfortunately (for me) this incessant feeding has royally buggered up the thin snippets of sleep I usually get, in fact we could say my sleep quota has progressed from sleep dieting to pure sleep anorexia. Even in his sleep he wants to feed and awakes as soon as I dare to liberate my boobs from him, which means I lay in a splendidly awkward position resulting in my shoulder being in pain whilst I can't sleep.  Sympathy is somewhat lacking seeing as he is teething and I choose to breastfeed therefore I should suck it up and deal with it.  When confronted with that caring attitude I almost wish he did dribble, drool and scream throughout the evening.  Surely The Husband should be thankful I can comfort him to such an extent that there is no interruption to the rest of the house?  The Husband also has a relatively low understanding threshold to M.E and the importance of rest.

Yet seeing The Toddler evidently in such good cheer as he awoke for the day and as usual waved his siblings and The Husband goodbye from the bedroom window as they started the school run went a long way to eradicating any residual grumpiness on my part not simple because I don't have to do the school run but  more that the toddler is so happy.  Upon his return The Husband scored some brownie points as he let me stay in bed a while, although frankly I deserved it especially after I copped the shitty nappy whilst he was out.  I'd like to say I had a sublime kip however, it was more my body rested whilst thoughts stampeded through my mind and veins like buzzing ants.

The Toddler enjoyed his nap as usual, me less so seeing as this picture was taken at the only window in time when he was not suckling furiously.  I swear my boobs must have morphed into calpol because they seem to be all he wants and needs to settle.  I suppose in a way I should be honoured that I'm able to provide this relief and comfort for him.  Nah, bollocks to that.

My ankle got a full test drive today as I bit the bullet and decided to do the 2+ mile round trip to the shops after school with The Husband and all three darlings. Once again The toddler was in great form and enjoyed shouting joyfully at full volume in the shops with grins and giggles a plenty. More importantly, I managed it and I'm not in excruciating pain (yet)!  Hoorah!


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