Keeping the peace

Monday, 14 May 2012

The things you do to keep the peace when you're a mum.  The Toddler was somewhat restless last night, he's terribly full of snot and still teething three teeth.  I tried to creep away for a pee after spending an hour from 3am getting him back to sleep only for him to leap up with superhero speed and astonishing agility for someone who should be asleep and wrapped himself around my leg shaking, howling and crying every time i tried to escape.  It was a split moment decision, let him get more and more upset and possibly wake Thing One, Thing Two and The Husband or..... have a pee with him sat on my knee.  Can you guess which one happened? 

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  1. Haha oh dear, I'm still in the 'she's too mobile but silly to be unsupervised' phase with Nyah so I either sit with her on my knee while she wiggles and arches her back headbutting in the mouth or leaping off me, or I put her on the floor and try and steer her away from any potential hazards or dirt, and hold the cupboard door shut with my foot. I think Theakston would start shouting a running commentary at me if I took him to the loo with me in the middle of the night. Hope tonight is better for you!


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