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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Yesterday Thing Two's class (Reception) had a Jubilee party for their parents to which The Husband, The Toddler and I dutifully attended.  The play area was set up like a street party with rows of tables etc and bunting whilst the small children paraded round with plates of food.

But I thought you weren't a royalist?

I'm not.  Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against royalty per se, by title alone, I just wish they were a sleeping Monarchy.  Thus we shall not be celebrating the Jubilee as quite frankly it's meaningless to us.  We went to the school party for Thing Two, because it was a party and she wanted us there though she wanted us there to show off her work to as opposed to getting all royalist on our proverbial arses.  She's not exactly big on the whole crowds of grownups thing so much like the Easter bonnet parade she looked remarkably horrified and spent most of the time sat on my knee chatting away.  She loves the opportunity to invite us into the forbidden world of school, her playground, her domain and we love the insight it allows us.

Although it wasn't about work, Thing Two had been apparently begging her teacher none stop to be allowed to show us her learning record book (she doest hat much work, she's the only child to have two books) My only regret is that we didn't have more time as I adore looking through her work and reading the contextual notes the teachers add like for instance there was a page where she'd written all the numbers from 0-100 and the note said '[Thing Two] has written all the numbers from 0-100, all correctly formed and in the correct order, in under 2 minutes' The girl is obsessed. Th e book is a3 in size and absolutely crammed with stories, pictures, activities that she has completed.

However, back to the Jubilee.  I resent being labelled 'grumpy' for refusing to be caught up within it.  It is my choice. I respect those who do wish to celebrate it, good luck to them although I do think it rather lacks sincerity when people use it as an excuse for a piss up.  You shouldn't need an excuse for having a good time.  If you wish to celebrate the Jubilee for pity sake celebrate it, embrace it but make it about the Jubilee and believe in it don't use it as a smoke screen.  Thing One and Thing Two have a none uniform day today where they have to dress in red/white/blue, they're not the damnedest bit excited about the Jubilee aspect of it, they're just ecstatic that they don't have their uniform and I can't say I blame them. 

We're not superfluously patriotic.  We're not royalists. We're not Christian. We're not Tories. We will not conform.

Don't even get me started on The Olympics.  Sporting events bore me rigid.  I resent the way they dominate the television to the extent were they cancel regular broadcasts and replace them with Olympic coverage, I mean how absurdly rude and presumptuous!  Why on earth in this day and age they can't have dedicated free tv channels for things such as The Olympics is quite simply beyond me. I have an innate inability to get excited by sport and ditto to being Patriotic.

Don't judge me through failing to comply with the mass hysteria and jubilation.  I can guarantee if we had a day/weekend/month dedicated to something I'm passionate about, you'd be just as ambivalent and probably more then a smidgen irked.  The difference is, I have no expectations that insist you must obey and be happy.

I'm not grumpy (okay maybe a tad) I'm just blatantly honest. I refuse to pretend.


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