Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I knew it would be small but I guess the lesson learnt here is to check the dimensions before ordering. 

Much to The Sprogs joy I presented them with a paddling pool, that is after I nearly died trying to inflate it.  I may have a large mouth and the aforementioned paddling pool may be titchy but egads, I nearly passed out trying to blow it up.

Unfortunately The Toddler wasn't as impressed as Thing One and Thing Two but I fear that may possibly be a direct result of the fact that with Thing One and Thing Two in it, it didn't leave a lot of room for The Toddler.  He did however happily prance through it whilst I was filling it, another laborious task, with his shoes on and everything.  Oops.

We have the most awkward faucets in the kitchen and no outside tap.  We have tried a multitude of adaptors yet none will fit the faucet and thus allow us to use a hose pipe so I spent a small piece of forever filling up children's buckets and the washing up bowl with water one by one to empty into the pool.

Thing One and Thing Two went in fully clothed sans shoes seeing as the awful weather is a rarity so buying swimwear would be superfluous and despite not having room to swing a cat they had immense fun and succeeded in making an utter disaster zone of the garden.  The Toddler preferred to wave a sword at them then mow the lawn.

Typically now The Sprogs have some summer attire the bar steward sun has finally buggered off.


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