I really regret...

Monday, 7 May 2012

..getting this dastardly fringe cut in and going back to black.

I do apologise was you expecting something navel deep and prolific?

Granted, things have happened that I wish hadn't in life, big things and bad decisions, however I'm one of those annoying people that believes things to indeed happen to us for a reason and that no journey to any destination worth arriving at is scenic and calm.

So I stick to regretting the small things in life.  I've been dying my hair for 16 years, I've been red, pink, purple, orange, yellow, turquoise, black, ginger etc  Usually I always revert back to black or red.  Even when the results have been interesting to say the least (thinking back to when I accidentally ended up with leeloo hair from Fifth Element) I've never regretted any of it.  Until now.  I spent a portion of time in the recent past attempting to go blonde.  The last time I was blonde was 2003 when I had an early midlife crisis, it cost £80 and within weeks of having it done, I dyed over it with pillar box red.  I've had fringes and no fringes, I've had jaw length hair and hair nearly down to my bum in length.  So I bought some uber-lightener (unfortunately I'm far too much of a wuss to actually purchase and prepare actual hair bleach) and did it twice.  I then bought a lesser lightener.  Followed by some light blonde dyes and some dark blonde dyes.  The best I got was strawberry blonde and I had an episode of the fears, I really didn't want to be bald.  So to try and steer my mind away from any blonde ambitions The Mother kindly paid for me to have my hair chopped and a fringe put it.  However the fringe was supposed to be Betty Page-esque yet wasn't.  I've spent every day since stealing Thing Two's hair slides to pin it to the sides.  I asked for a longish inverted bob and it went rather too short for my liking.  I predictably went back to black to let my hair recover (what can I say, I'm a goth in remission)I originally wanted to dye the fringe pink until I actually had the fringe cut and saw it.

It hasn't gone away though.  I still want to be blonde, god knows why.  I'm so hair fickle that no doubt if i did achieve it I'd dye turquoise or purple within weeks.

So here i am in the worst predicament with black hair and having itchy fingers hovering over the 'buy' button for more lightener.

Somebody stop me (or do it for me, please?)


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