Girlie Time

Thursday, 10 May 2012

So Wednesday's are Thing One's special day and Thing Two gets some girlie time with me (or she did once The Husband returned to take charge of The Toddler) After making double chocolate cookies she requested Lego and then pleaded for her makeup that she got for Christmas. 

We have strict rules about her makeup, she's only allowed it occasionally, only in the house and usually near to bath time so it can be washed straight off.  She absolutely adores it even if she did originally insist that eyeshadow goes on her eyebrows......the brighter the colours the better, especially to clash compliment  her princess dresses.  I remember having makeup as a child, The Mother confiscated it as myself and another friend may have covered another friend in it...including nail polish in her navel.  oops.

School and girlie time is obviously exhausting as despite coughing all night she slept rather soundly...


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