Dying to play

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Following on from rainbow rice I had an urge to make some rainbow pasta.  The method is exactly the same.  I didn't bung it in the oven this time however, as last time I attempted it with the rice, the pasta burned. 

Unfortunately despite doing exactly the same for all colours, only one batch actually turned out okay.  I haven't the foggiest as to what on earth went wrong and despite two days in the sun, many of them aren't even dry.

Regardless, The Toddler and I sat on the floor and threaded them onto pipe cleaners, I chose pipe cleaners as they're more substantial for little hands to hold and thread then wool or string and they're fun to bend.

In hindsight if I were to repeat this I'd a) try and work out what went wrong so we have more colours and b) look for a slightly larger pasta tube to make it a tad easier for tiddly hands.


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