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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Thing Two arrived home from school on Friday with a special friend to stay the weekend, Tigger.  This is the third time he's stayed over at our house.  He gets given out to members of her class who have done well at school and he comes with his own overnight backpack with a bedtime story, pj's and a diary that I have to write in from his point of view.  Unfortunately Thing Two is 5 going on 40 so isn't easily charmed by a soft toy so the most fun he's had is a whirl in the washing machine as he was looking dreadfully grubby.  Occasionally she'll humour us grownups and pretend to be 5 and act accordingly.

Feeling brave I embarked on a half hour walk sans The Husband with all three kids after school.  The elder two were on their scooters and The Toddler as usual was on my back in the sling.  Surprisingly my anxiety levels didn't tip me over the edge.  Unfortunately we had to come home however as the sky threatened to leak on us.

The Toddler was somewhat unfortunate in his antics on Friday and ended up being the injured little soldier.  Seemingly unable to get off of the bed the usual safe and dare I say normal way he instead decided to participate in a decidedly trickier route which resulted with him cutting the inside of his lip.  Having not learned caution from that he later hurt his wee cheek whilst stacking and climbing on a multitude of toys, that toddler really is part monkey and part mountain goat.

The Husband barely escaped the doghouse when he received a phone call from somewhere he'd been that day informing him they'd found his wallet.  You know, his wallet that he hadn't even realised he'd lost.  the same wallet that happened to have an irreplaceable ninety pounds within it which is needed for a bill.  Gods only know why he took the money out with him in the first place yet by some cosmic magical alignment the money is still in the wallet and he shall be picking it up quick sharp on Monday. The Husband and money is about as disastrous as The Husband and electrical items.

The Toddler was lovingly playing with Thing Two's dolls yesterday and even went so far as to make them something to eat from his play kitchen and then tucked them in the pram saying 'shhhh night night' It was decidedly charming to witness, until five minutes later he squealed with wild abandonment and utter delight as he slung them one by one across the floor.  He's definitely related to Thing Two though she prefers to run them over.

Thing One made us immensely proud Friday after school.  Whilst playing outside with some newly acquired friends we happened to glance out the window to check all is well only to witness him riding a two wheel bike without stabilisers! My word! We bought him a bike last year yet due to weather he only had two attempts to ride it on a field with The Husband neither of which were remotely successful so what an unexpected surprise to see him learning on his own!

The Toddler is still tremendously obsessed with phone,s everything any anything is a phone, books, building bricks, pots, horses, dolls and of course not to forget actual phones.  Every time the house phone rings (which isn't often being the Misanthropic gits that we are) he dashes over towards it jubilantly shouting 'Nanna!" Nanna!' and picks up his own phone and commences to say 'hewwo, yes, yes, no, no, bye bye!'

and finally before I bore you utterly to tears another update on Thing Two's melon pot..


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